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Lottery officials tampered with lottery draw procedures in 88.78 million sentenced to 10 years in prisonThe supervision of the lottery industry is undertaken by a five-member committee appointed by the governor and an executive director. However, the comm


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In a tweet on Friday, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi criticised the central governments strategy to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The first stage was a Tughlaqi lockdown, he said.The third measure: "Extinguish", divided into two modes: manual fire


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60 million winners sued the lottery official to claim 120 million: insiders manipulated the want to know! The information you regain may be correct, but it may not be the correct method for a specific situation... Please check other in


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He will also use part of his plight to help flood victims in Kerala. Chief Minister’s National Reconstruction Fund. I plan to do more," he said. Several Indians living in the UAE recently won the lottery. Tajo Mathew, 30, of Kerala, won $1.9 million


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Together. "You drew lucky candy here today!" How are you? Where you want, there is still a lucky draw! Click to expand... There is a Galloward system where you can find "Im very likely to be born for this! This is lucky! Very lucky tonight!


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British "Mirror" recently reported a case of robbery. A couple who were over seventy years old were robbed by a gun at night. The three gangsters were quickly arrested by the police and sentenced to 6 to 8 years in prison after trial. The case i


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The potential redundancy could not have come at a worse time. Her mother was seriously ill and Ms Sutherland was eventually signed off work with stress. Instead of taking the time off and going back later, she approached a little-known scheme called Enter


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The Five Elements Mountain also symbolizes "greed, hatred, ignorance, slowness, and suspicion" in Buddhism. The Buddha said these five words, summarizing all peoples body, behavior, and mind. Even Monkey King still cant escape these five words.A

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