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Secondly, it is the daily construction of WeChat Moments to create personal IPs and increase user trust and conversion rate. If you really don’t know how to starthow to make money in blog, just look at what your peers do, follow peers, copy peers, and optimize peers. This is the easiest and quickest way.

For example, the goods in the picture include the Taobao platform and many other platforms. You can choose a platform based on your own or your friends' shopping habits. The commission for goods here is about 50% or even higher. As can be seen from the photos, the commission for these treasures is close to 50%. If your account level is higher, you can get up to 70%~80% of the selling price. Such a high rebate makes making money very easy. As long as you sell a few things every day, you can easily make hundreds of dollars. You may be thinking, what is the best way to make money? It's very simple. You can help your relatives and friends to see if they have coupons when buying things, so it's theirs to save money, and it's your own to make cash. Not only do you help others, but you also earn rewards.

This approach is relatively simple, that is, to pick up the task, then download various APP software, and register. This kind of registration is very simple, you only need to enter personal information and it takes only a few minutes. Doing this kind of task is actually relatively easy. Although the money earned is not much, the price/performance ratio is good. After all, it takes less time and effort.

In addition to actively searching, there is another way to refer to the daily projects on professional websites. For example, you can collect this site and open it every day to see if there are new project recommendations. Although this site will inevitably recommend liar projects, based on the experience of this site, you can still avoid detours.

These are the more popular and profitable things on the street stalls. You can choose the corresponding styles according to the local toys that are currently popular. Try to have as many tricks as possible, but the quantity is small, so it is better to sell. , You can choose to be around the school, so many children will be willing to see more after school.

The so-called task is veryhow to make money in blog simple, just download, register and install some apps, so as long as you complete the corresponding tasks given in the platform, then you will get the corresponding benefits. Anyway, I think this is pretty good, everyone has the opportunity You can give it a try.

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